June 28, 2010

Paris Fashion Week

Stop. Pause. Record. Fast Forward. Rewind.

As 2010 continues to unfold (and prove to be busy as hell) I find myself making appointments and working night and day. It is hard to keep up with the schizophrenia; one moment the day moves like molasses, and the other it flashes so fast that fashion week is over. Here is a quick recap of my favorite looks from Paris. Some highlights: prints, blazers, shorts, sandals, waistlines, drawstrings, and BAGS.

The city of lights has me enlightened. The cold weather continues to plague San Francisco and I wish every night for a day that I can wear shorts. But of course, the sun came back for SF Pride, as the gays would never allow a parade without topless men. Sale season continues and my closet continues to grow. TRUST. So I apologize for neglecting you, blog, but I promise to fill you with stories, news, and some new inventory soon.

P.S. I got glasses :)

- jerome

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