July 4, 2010

Asian Tendencies

Glasses by SEE Eyewear, Oragami Shirt by Gucci, Tee by H&M, Harness by Zana Bayne, Barbed Wire Ring by Burberry Prorsum

After a lifetime of squinting to read the On-Demand menu on the television I finally got glasses. I thought I couldn't look more Asian but I am NOT A QUITTER. I love my new glasses: a standard metal frame that is light weight and practical. Originally I had planned to get some sort of vintage silhouette, but somehow I fell in love with something modern. The wonderful people and selection at SEE Eyewearoffer amazing frames made in mom and pop factories all throughout Europe, all designed to be ultra chic without logos.

I can actually see things clearly now! Plus, this opens me up to a whole new world of accessories!

- jerome

1 comment:

  1. You are too cute! I want some vintage cat eye glasses!! Could I should check out that site! xxxo