July 9, 2010

It's Morphin' Time!

Meet two new lovely additions to my closet: Burberry's Britton Trench in Honey Gabardine and Prorsum Coin Belt. I am going through a Louis Vuitton and Burberry phase because I am hella asian, but I figure if you are going to be obsessed with luggage and trench coats, lusting for the original isn't so bad.

Britton Trench and Prorsum Coin Belt by Burberry, Denim by Uniqlo, Vintage Boots, and Trench 46 (below) by Burberry

This trench coat is a shorter version of one I already own. The set-in sleeve makes the coat more casual, slim fit, and versatile when compared to my first Burberry Gabardine trench. See how this short version is more youthful/modern than the standard trench length you usually see on older types. Burberry's recent runway shows have had a strong military element that incorporates a belt in almost every look. This is my favorite belt from Spring 2010, and I am happy that it goes well with the beige color I have been obsessing over this season. It looks like the morphing devices from Power Rangers, but remember that the design is inspired by hunting ammunition belts.

Back to my first love, the Trench 46. I have lost weight since I bought it so it is one size big, which is a shame since the cut of the coat is fuller to begin with. Anyway, see how the belt updates the coat and tailors the shape to my body. The raglan sleeve (sewn into the neck) allows for more room in the shoulder to wear a suit jacket or heavy sweater comfortably underneath. This will be useful for the future if I gain a ton when I'm older ever move to a colder place. Thanks to global warming, it may start snowing here... I cannot believe my trench coats are useful in July. SUMMER FAIL.

- jerome

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