July 8, 2010

Gray Days in June Gloom

I finally start appreciating color, and then San Francisco decides to revert to darkness. The constant cloudiness has me reaching for the black once more. Oddly enough, there were plenty of A/W styles for spring which might prove useful next year because winter likes to stick around longer in the city by the bay. Here are some looks from Spring/Summer 2001 that matches my mood now; and while we are on the subject, I am still in dire need of the elusive PS1 in either smoke, navy, or pre-fall print. Seriously, is there PS1 to fit every mood?


SS2011 Looks from top to bottom: Tim Hamilton, ACNE, Burberry Prorsum

California dreamin' is for San Franciscans too. I am aching for some sunlight and pray that I get some before fall arrives. Seriously, I need more weather to justify new additions to my wardrobe!

- jerome

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