July 7, 2010

Unusual Suspect

My daily commute is filled with colorful stories. I usually tweet what I see in the morning because it makes my bus rides go faster, and documenting my #munidiaries has become a ritual. Mobile technology has rendered fake calls/texting obsolete in awkward or lengthy situations because you can update statuses instead of lying in an act of desperation. Sometimes I take pictures of the people or things I see if I'm ballsy.

So whenever a great moment catches me off-guard, I cannot help but stare impolitely and take pictures. Like this guy. I was pleasantly surprised by this man who got on the bus completely low key but dressed in head-to-toe designer. I will not get into specifics with who made his tee or which jeans he made into cut offs (both bought at Barney's). However, his backpack had me beaming with curiosity. Here is someone who obviously invests in designer goods, but dresses as if he shops thrift. It is not intentionally rebellious or categorized; rather his style is reserved for people who know what they are looking at - or at least that is what I gathered from this brief encounter. I was smitten with his rucksack but it was not until I looked at the Rag & Bone patch that I knew it was designer, then the rest fell into place. Notice the utility knife and pens... he uses the compartments and wears the bag as it was meant to be used. Chic! Who needs a knife though?

My Louis Vuitton usually surprises people. Carrying accessories that are unexpected yet appropriate and complimentary is a challenge, which is why I think I am addicted to bags. Monograms may be obvious, but pair it with menswear and you get something new. The same is true with gladiator sandals, cut out shoes, or Cuban heels: they can be the show stoppers on the right outfit, with or without a label.

- jerome

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