July 21, 2010

Jewelry, Magic, and Transformation Sequences

You can see from my previous post that I have started to dress like those smart lesbian extras who gossip a lot and provide comedic relief in the magical girl cartoons from Japan. Clearly, I have been watching too much Anime. But seriously, I wish I could get ready like this in the morning:

Transformation sequences from Mai-Otome Zwei

There are certain pieces in my jewelry collection that feel magical to me. Whether it is the shape of the stone or the whimsy of the setting, a unique ring or necklace can be empowering. My ring fetish has controlled my mood on more than one occasion. Sometimes I realize I have forgotten my rings when I get to work and a bad day is almost sure to ensue. They may not let me break it down in a transformation sequence, but my rings are my armor, my magic, and my se-kuuur-ity. So imagine, then, the jewelgasms that happen at Anna Dello Russo's flat. Observe how she stores - or displays - her collection of jewelry. Her pieces simulate armor when worn together, especially on top of her runway looks. Check it out through Tommy Ton's eyes.

Photos from JAK&JIL and ADR

ADR said that because she wears looks straight from the runway, her jewelry is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to her fashion week wardrobe. I believe a statement ring or brooch can change an outfit completely. Details like personal jewelry, understated or over-the-top, are a sign of high fashion and taste when executed properly. My rings may not be the catalyst for some sweet henshin action be made from precious metals and stones but they are magical!

- jerome

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