June 24, 2010

MFW Round Off


The volume of shirting in my closet has grown exponentially within the past 6 months. It seems that my taste has turned toward a good collar and barrel cuff, leaving the straps and draped neck lines of my recent past behind. It has been interesting mixing the new with the old, but there are endless layering possibilities. This is why I love these collections. Sheer tuxedo shirts and tunics atop over-seized tops. And a special applause to Sarah Burton for doing Alexander McQueen justice. What a smart mix of relaxed and fitted, modern and classic clothing. And my search for the perfect ethnic prints continues. And excuse me, Mr. D’Amato? Who told you short shorts and billowing outerwear looked awesome together? Can I high five them??

Next stop, Paris. J'Adore.

- jerome

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