June 11, 2010

Faux Real


Vintage Shades, Shirt and Shoes by Virgin Blak, Khakis by J.Crew, Bag by Louis Vuitton, DIY Foxtail

I am not one to accept unavailability. Of course, there are limitations to all of our desires but one should never quit because a runway piece never made it into production. Take for example the Louis Vuitton Red Fox Tail. It was never made available to the public and since I do not know anyone who can score me one of the samples (YET ha!), I had to make my own. The trickiest part about this Do It Yourself project was sourcing the hardware. LV is literally unmatched in the quality of their designs, so finding an end cap large enough to imitate the original was a challenge. Finally, I realized that using hardware that was invisible yet functional was the best way to keep the integrity of the original concept behind the collection. This golden claw is hidden underneath the end of the fur which has been sewn over the hardware. It can then be attached to one of the authentic bag charms or used separately. I can use it on bags or belt loops. Not bad for knocking off Marc Jacobs, no??

Speaking of knock-offs, what are your feelings on buying knock-off clothing? Availability and price can both be barriers when you want the look, so buying a well-made knock off seems like a viable option to many who don't live in fashion capitals and those who won't give up dinner to save money for shoes. I read an article a while back that more and more affluent women are buying counterfeit goods because there is no point in owning the real thing when everyone assumes your entire wardrobe is authentic. I would never buy counterfeit goods because I DO NOT SUPPORT TERRORISM AND I AM ALLERGIC TO FAKE PURSES but I definitely have bought knock-off clothing; I think we all do especially if you have ever shopped at TOPSHOP or H&M. It is my personal opinion that if you can pull it off you should show it off... without getting caught. Don't try to pass your clone off as real but always exhibit the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy, just like when you shop at any fast fashion retailer. Capisce?

SIDE BAR: Am I the only one who eats watermelon like this?

- jerome

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