March 14, 2011

7 X's, 7 Days Part 2: Man Skirt

X #2 of 7 - The Peplum Playsuit
7XL Tee, H&M Denim, Cloak by Bexist Japan, Shoes by TOPMAN, Custom San-X's Rilakkuma Plush Toy Necklace

My first instinct when forced to wear a top too large is to belt it. Belting instantly creates shape and dimension to a garment. The 7XL shirt is overly voluminous even when belted, so I gathered the excess to create a skirt. It is not quite a peplum, but it fits my current fetish for such a silhouette. I still love how long the sleeves are. Here I layered the top with a black wool cloak and accessorized with some plush toy keychains for whimsy. Observe, I am a magician.

Tim Hamilton A/W 2012

One designer (of many) that has caught peplum fever is my favorite Tim Hamilton. His Autumn Winter collection features lengthy layers and beautiful colors. All of my favorite elements in my everyday look are here: Simple color palette with a splash of print, check. Lace-up platform boots, check. Cropped trouser, check. Peplum, triple check.

Here is a closer look at the plush toy necklace I made. It is simply many keychains strung onto one longer neck chain. I collected many Rilakkuma charms during my trip to Tokyo a few years back. This is the same necklace I used in the editorial shoot that was featured on The Fashionisto.

- jerome

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