March 16, 2011

7 X's, 7 Days Part 4: Reverse Richter

X #4 of 7: The Hooded Shrug
7XL Tee, Shirt by Tim Hamilton, Denim by H&M, Harness by Zana Bayne, Mirror Belt by Virgin Blak, Boots by Dr. Marten's

Scott Pilgrim VS The World is one of my favorite movies of all time. That is a bold statement, but I can say that without a doubt. It has everything I want in a film: comedy, romance, homos, fight scenes, hot dudes, and a high level of nerd sensibility. There are many great characters in this universe of crazy, but one particular character left a huge impression on me - Roxy Richter.

Roxy is the 4th evil ex (out of 7 evil ex-boyfriends) that Scott Pilgrim must face to win the hand of his true love. Richter is the only ex-girlfriend AND SHE HAS A RAZOR WHIP. Pretty much any movie with a whip fight will win me over but this was a girl fight, with a whip, and a sledge hammer, and an orgasm. KABOOM. (SPOILER ALERT. Don't watch the video if you plan on seeing the movie)

I have to make it clear that I am not a fanboy. I do not do cosplay, and I don't troll message boards hoping to meet that special someone who replies to my comments. However, after seeing this movie, I knew that I needed to have a razor whip belt, or something like it. There were a few that I found online, but the razors were tacky edge blades similar to the kind girls like to wear to look "alternative." Thankfully I was able to track down a mirror belt that has the luster of Ms. Richter's weapon. Roxy inspired this look. I needed to find a way to create a hooded piece using the shirt without looking like the great cornholio. Thank goodness for bondage and harnesses! I wore the hoodie a little on the shorter side just like Roxy's but there is still enough fabric to do a longer, short sleeved piece.

Speaking of the Richter, I am deeply horrified and saddened by the tragedies caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The video coverage I have seen online really scares me. Watching cars, houses, and entire towns being washed away is absolutely surreal. The fact that scientists say San Francisco could be next is shaking me to the core. My friends and their families in Japan are all safe for now, but there are so many who are less fortunate. If you have anything to contribute to help the victims of this natural disaster, please DONATE to The Red Cross HERE.

- jerome

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