March 13, 2011

7 X's, 7 Days, 7 Ways


A few months ago my co-worker told me about the $16.00 10XL plain white t-shirt his brother purchased at a liquor store in Oakland. I nagged endlessly was intrigued and wanted "pictures or it didn't happen." As a surprise, my generous associate bought me my very own huge XL tee. It is a modest 7XL, but the size of this shirt still makes it more akin to bedding than apparel. This gift presented me with a challenge: make this piece-of-sheet wearable. Clearly I am not large/hood enough to pull off wearing the tee normally BUT I AM NOT A QUITTER. In fact, I found 7 ways to wear the shirt in modern fashion - not counting the Jesus look. The following is the first.

X #1 of 7 - The Full Tuck
7XL Tee, Denim and Shoe by H&M

Try not to be distracted by my baby arms (oops, I probably shouldn't have said anything). It's funny how the neck size of the tee remains normal even though the shirt is 7XL. A draping effect happens when I wear the tee and naturally an elongated sleeve occurs. Oversized doesn't quite cover it. This look is inspired by the volumized tuck-tops of the early 1990's, not unlike the shirt of any member of the Babysitters Club.

In the coming days I will post more ways to wear this 7XL tee. The pure white palette helps me to envision the look with any color, so I'll probably stick with that. Wearing garments in new and different ways can be challenging, but fun and most rewarding at the same time :)

- jerome

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