March 17, 2011

7 X's, 7 Days Part 5: Hood + Scarf = Snood

X #5 of 7: The Hoodarf
7XL Tee, Shirt by Tim Hamilton, Denim by H&M, Trench by Burberry, High-Tops by Lanvin

Wrapping a long piece of fabric around your neck seems so natural. I love me a good scarf, but when it doubles as a hood it's like having your cake and eating it too. Using a scarf as a hood is practical when you want the coverage but can go without the extra layer of a full hoodie. Of course the 7XL Tee is perfect for wrapping around your head-space. You can drape a voluminous hood or bundle up with a thick scarf. Burberry calls the combo a snood.

Burberry Snoods from A/W 2009

Photo by Imaxtree via TheCutBlog

A few designers presented what The Cut Blog calls the "Hoodarf" You can see A/W 2011 looks from Robert Geller, Simon Spurr, and Antonio Azzuolo above (from left to right). I can get down with a monochromatic palette and a good hoodarf. Perhaps using the 7XL Tee as a scarf/hood/snood/hoodarf/whatever is kind of obvious, but it is on trend.

- jerome

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