March 22, 2011

Eyes On Your Own Paper Pt. 2 - PS WHAT?!!

I mean I thought it was peculiar that Jack and Lazaro were missing from all the latest Target Go International marketing collateral. Clearly Proenza Schouler is one of the most successful collaborations within the series, which is why some of their garments were included in the revival season. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions, but these might have something to do with it:

Check out these PS1 knock-offs by Mossimo. The similarities are too abundant to ignore. I can get passed the school boy satchel shape but the hardware and closure are practically the same. I would feel really betrayed too if a partner of mine made profits from a copy of one of my greatest works.

I NEED THE PS1 IN SMOKE. The color sells fast, but I have high hopes because of the bag's popularity. It-bag stigma be damned, the PS1 is forever.

UPDATE: I was right! Check out this article by Cathy Horyn and the statements issued by Proenza Schouler. Such a shame :(

- jerome

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