March 18, 2011

7 X's, 7 Days Part 6: á la Owens

X #6 of 7: The Cross Drape
7XL Tee, Denim by H&M, Boots by Virgin Blak, Leather by Codes Combine

Okay this looks complicated to pull off, but it is quite simple. First, put your head through one of the sleeves and you arm through the neck. Then, gather the shirt and wrap it across your body until you can slide your arm through the other sleeve. You should be able to drape a structured funnel neck and create a beautiful drape with the remainder of the fabric. This took some experimenting, but the end result might be one of my favorites.

Rick Owens A/W 2010

Long before my uniform of collared shirts, brogues, and khakis, I was known for my long hair, cuban heels, black pants, leather jackets, draped tops, and all the other accoutrement of an avant garde fashion fanatic. I couldn't choose my favorite designers of the day now (because of my indecisive nature and hunger for something new) but back then I immediately would have said Ann Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang, Raf Simons, Hedi Slimane, and Rick Owens. Any collection polished off with a healthy showing of leather jackets had me researching blogs and stockists for hours. This 6th interpretation of the 7XL Tee is an ode to some of my beloved designers. What is collectively genius about their aesthetic is the combination of draped and tailored garments in a single look, forging a new ideal of masculinity.

It's fun to revisit old inspirations and looks every now and then, but I don't think I want to go too far back to a time when I wore cowboy boots and gold chains. Uh oh, I think I am going to look for my eyeliner now.

- jerome

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