March 15, 2011

7 X's, 7 Days Part 3: Japanese Style

X #3 of 7: The Kimono Shrug
7XL Tee, Denim by H&M, Tank by Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Vintage Zori

I love a good kimono. The weight, the volume, and the costume of beautiful Japanese silk can be an amazing addition to any closet. Not everyone can/will wear one outside of the house, but kimonos create impact for those who wear them well. Vibrant colors and print usually discourage the average person from wearing the traditional Japanese garment on the street, which is a shame because the shape is really beautiful. By draping the 7XL shirt over the shoulders, you can simulate the look and feel of a Kimono.

There is a certain romance to clothing with volume, so try experimenting with oversized clothing and larger sizes. I am wearing the tee over a thinning Dior Homme tank. This was my first Dior piece and has aged beautifully. My favorite part of the tank is the discreet bee logo, still found on select pieces from the brand.

Vogue Hommes Japan s/s 2011 Issue Vol.6: Eastern Promise

In other news, I just picked up the fabulous new issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. It was really expensive. I am heart broken because I am starting to feel how much fashion magazines cost ever since I started paying for my own stuff in this recession. And you will get why the burn is particularly scathing in my next inventory post. But I feel it is my duty to contribute to the magazine industry. I get that most editorial spreads are available online, but I still believe in the power of print. There is nothing like having a fashion magazine in your bag and waiting anxiously during the day to get lost in it. Luckily this magazine never fails to impress. So worth it ♥

- jerome


  1. How did you address the opening for your head laying across your shoulders in the back? Or did the draping just cover it up?

  2. There is a lot of fabric to work with!! The hole can be tucked, folded under, or draped over pretty securely, but I left it exposed because the circle looks interesting.

    - jerome

  3. Sweet. I might just rock this one... Gotta find me a 7XL shirt now!