March 19, 2011

7 X's, 7 Days Part 7: Back to Basics

X #7 of 7: The Half Tuck
7XL Tee, Denim by H&M, Belt by Hermés, Sandals by Burberry Prorsum

We come to the end of our extra extra extra extra extra extra extra large little experiment with one of the most basic styles - the half tuck. Tucking in the front of a button down or t-shirt is an excellent way to show off an accessory like a statement belt. It is also flattering (on my body type anyway, I think) and can add interest to the styling of an outfit. There is a lot of fabric to work with so I strategically tucked the front and sides to drape a cape in the back. Rolling up the sleeves was the romantic, masculine finish.

Céline A/W 2011

I draw a lot of inspiration from the work of Phoebe Philo. Her work at Chloé really spoke to me, because it was even though it was really feminine. And now at Céline, Philo's work is still relevant in my life. She has defined modern minimalist fashion, striking a chord in the way I dress myself. My current guidelines for getting dressed are keep it simple, keep it classic, and add one element of flare with a touch of print/texture/jewelry.

I had a lot of fun doing the 7X 7 Day challenge. It makes me look at clothing in a whole new way. There are garments on the market today that are designed to be worn in many different ways. Go beyond suggestions and find a new way to wear each piece. Remember that clothes do not always have to be worn one way!!

- jerome


  1. im stealing this idea, now to find a 7XL shirt.

  2. Haha. Mine was gifted... from a liquor store... in Oakland. But apparently they are available online in a variety of colors! My friend wanted me to get one in gold.

    - jerome