May 31, 2010

Target Acquired: Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. I remember the first time I held the Sofia Coppola Bag; I was shopping in Hong Kong and was immediately drawn to the deep red of the SC bag's Jasper calf leather. The buttery, supple skin was nothing like I had ever felt. Thus, my real obsession for bags began.

Flash forward almost a year and I had a job, saved enough for 2 collection bags, and still the SC bag was out of my budget. Months of research and visits proved to me that the bag was next level. It is so exclusive, only a handful of stores in the US are even allowed to sell the bag (go SF!!) and it comes with a book that describes the collaboration. I had plenty of time to think about which one I would own. The Cobalt is a rich shade of blue and the Asphalt suede sings of luxury, but the Jasper is a red that embodies love at first sight. From the first time I held it, my decision was already made. To my surprise, luck, and gratitude, my mother had developed her ALLASIANSLOVELOUISVUITTON bag gene around the same time I did. She began to shop at LV all by herself, and knew that I was a little insane but had some sympathy for my obsession. Thus, my parents granted me a large birthday wish and the SC bag in Jasper became mine.

I began using the SC after the rain let up. It fits my daily essentials and whatever else I may need to bring from time to time. The handles are silky smooth to the touch, allowing for unbelievable comfort when holding it. The shoulder strap is an added bonus and convenience since I love the classic style and look of top handles anyway. Asphalt suede lines the inside of the bag with a patch and zippered pocket for organization. A covered lock and key bell accent the bag, adding security and subtle refinement reserved for those with a discerning eye. This is the only Louis Vuitton item I own that is made in Italy (everything else is made in France). In other less eloquent words, THIS BAG IS THE SHIT.

Thank you all for your votes!! I love and appreciate the others, but the Jasper is just my soul mate. It is the PERFECT day bag just as Sofia Coppola intended, and the only way to top it would be with a Birkin. Except for the PS1 I think I can cool it with the bags now, specifically Louis Vuitton. A full report of my birthday loot will come soon, when they arrive in the mail!! Besides, it is still technically birthday month, and summer sales have begun :)

- jerome

May 29, 2010

The Obsession Continues

It is safe to say that I got almost everything I wanted from Louis Vuitton in SS10; so much so that people probably think I'm a total F.O.B. when really the design of Monogram Eden and the shape of the bags really spoke to me this season. But as I have written before, the Eden flat bag continues to haunt me. Fashion editor Paolo Turina reminds me why I fell in love with color and patterns again, and why I simply cannot let go of this obsession. What? Too gay? Ishi photographs Bruna Tenorio in a stunning editorial for Amica.

Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue

- jerome

May 26, 2010


It is my birthday week, meaning a crap load of shopping and dinners. This explains the lack of updates. But here are a few things I stumbled upon the past few days. I promise to give you a full report of my birthday loot. For now, peep this:

Gilly photo from ILVOELV

- jerome

May 21, 2010

Moroccan Magic

Bronze Long Tee by Rick Owens, Safari Jacket by Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Khakis by J.Crew, Vintage Boots and Gifted Jewels

My good friend Brian celebrated his 25th birthday this week at a local restaurant called Marrakesh. The exterior is quite captivating, but I never thought to actually go in because it is in the Tenderloin and I don't want to die I am a scaredy-cat. The theme for our outfits was supposed to be "ETHNIC" so walking in the TL dressed like this and carrying a handbag was already drawing unwanted attention. Only Brian would have chosen the perfect theme and setting to try out such an "exotic" place. Inside the haunt (or at least in our VIP section!) were walls of Persian decoration and elaborate fixtures, both serving as the perfect setting for the delicious Moroccan food. The cocktail of the night was the Moroccan Magic: basically their version of a Long Island Iced- Tea, and a sure bet to get your buzz going quick. The hookah and belly dancers made it even more authentic, though the magic show was kind of random. It was a splendid evening I wish could have been documented, but I unfortunately left my camera at home (SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME A POINT AND SHOOT BECAUSE I SIMPLY CANNOT HAUL AROUND MY SLR TO EVERY DINNER I GO TO).

Anyway, this was my ensemble for the evening. Somehow I decided I was an explorer who liked ethnic jewelry, which is kind of true considering I live vicariously through my parents and their travels. My mother brought me back jewelry from Mexico, Israel, and Egypt, as per my request; but man do they have an eye!

Coincidentally, I ran into my gaysian the next day and discussed how much the monochromatic scale of camel, cream, and bone was trickling down into stores. I love this color palette, and we can all thank Phoebe Philo, Celine, and Jesus for the resurgence.

- jerome

May 20, 2010

Covert Operations

Blazer by Zara, Tee by Dries Van Noten, Khakis by J.Crew, Brooch by H&M, Vintage Boots, Bag by Louis Vuitton

The internal struggle continues with choosing which Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bag I should pick for my birthday. The Suede asphalt has been taken out of the running because I am not Kate Moss and I don't have Kate Moss money it is impractical. The price point for the SC Bag ups the ante, making owning both next to impossible. From the beginning, it was always the Jasper; and if I have learned anything from trying to decide between two colors of the same limited edition bag, I should trust my instincts. Still, it doesn't hurt to ask.

I brought in my gaysian and my geisha to give their opinions while experiencing the bags in question. This is input I can respect and trust. The strict no photo policy at LV stores turned this into a covert operation, but my friend's sidekick allows for inconspicuous photo taking. So here are the two darlings in all their glory: Cobalt v. Jasper

The judges unanimously agreed that the Jasper is the color to go for. First, the Jasper color is a unique shade of red that will age beautifully. The Cobalt is really gorgeous, but the twilight shade of blue is so dark that it really looks black most of the time. There is no point in getting the color even I cannot really appreciate all the time. This also highlights the next argument: there will be other black and blue bags.

Jasper wins in the color and longevity categories for its uniqueness and classic/timeless nature. Both bags have an element of wearability. The Cobalt is such an obvious pick because of my deep love for navy, but when putting it next to my entire wardrobe, it seems to be too "matchy matchy." The Jasper can add interest to any outfit without overpowering because it is not such a shocking red.

I believe I have made a pretty solid decision in choosing the Jasper, but I am still taking votes. Once again, I will only count votes made after seeing the bags in person. My entire family still has to weigh in, so anything can happen. Both colors are on hold for me until I make my decision.

Vote NOW!

- jerome

May 17, 2010

Rock the Vote

It's that time of the month again, and trust me when I say my "time of the month" is getting really expensive. Financial Emotional ups and downs, and this time it is my birthday. We all know I need a little help when it comes to making decisions. I can barely decide on what to eat for dinner, let alone which bag to choose when offered a variety of color ways. So again, with the Louis Vuitton (oh, jerome!). I will keep this short and sweet. The SC Bag is pretty much the Birkin of LV bags, and if you cannot get passed price tags for handbags, then I cannot help you, nor do I want your advice. So which one should I get, the Jasper calf leather, the Asphalt suede, or the cobalt calf leather? The decision must be made on the 24th of May, so comment or email me with your vote!!

- jerome

This One is for the Ladies...

And once again I'm mad jealous. I want nothing to more than to sit down with great designers and beg for a job tell them to make man versions of their wonderful creations. I've been meaning to do a post about this particular subject, especially since I recently swore off buying women's clothes (I DID NOT SAY ACCESSORIES), so when Tommy Ton posted looks from the Dion Lee show during Sydney Fashion week I saw it as a prime opportunity to make my point. Because for realz, how sick would these look on guys:

Photos from Jak & Jil

Imagine those pleated knots as a shirt or tank, under a blazer with trousers and sandals!! Silhouettes may have to change but if you kept the iconic detailing I think the design aesthetic could translate beautifully into menswear. I love how "Australian" this collection is. Okay, I have never been to Australia so my impression is painfully American and superficial. But the organic prints, pastel color palette, and light as air fabrics scream island-water-sun-goddess. I want to wear this on a beach and take pictures, then promptly change and put on something I wont regret damaging. But first, it must be made available to me; to men!

- jerome

May 12, 2010

Love Always, Arm Candy

Vintage Shades and Floral Shirt, Camera Tee by Milkfed by Sofia Coppola, Leather Jacket by H&M, Denim by J. Crew, Bag by Louis Vuitton

Leather Jacket and Chambray Shirt by H&M, "RIP YSL" Tee by Brian Lichtenberg for BITNB, Denim by Uniqlo, Bag by Louis Vuitton

I am in love with my Néo bags, both Monogram Canvas and Monogram Eden. I feel like I am cheating on the other whenever I use either bag, so I try and alternate as much as I can (as long as the weather permits - there is no way they are getting wet with the patina this young!) The shape and size are perfect for my essentials and then some, and the versatility in carry styles has changed my view on accessories completely.

It just goes to show you you have to follow your gut; which reminds me I have to start going to the gym again I am solidifying my birthday shopping lists, and will fill you in as my savings deplete :X

Fun side note: My partner did not break up with me after he found me taking pictures using photobooth doing the strangest poses with my favorite handbags. Also, posing on a revolving computer chair is not the stablest idea.

- jerome

Just Hanging Out

Dan Martensen for H&M Mag, Styling by Robert Rydberg

I believe hanging out like this will be possible one day... when San Francisco weather isn't so bipolar, and I finally get a job with a steady, predictable schedule. Until then I continue to dream of wearing shorts and sandals.

- jerome

May 11, 2010

The Wonderful World of Walter Van Beirendonck

There is much to be said about the fluorescent world of Walter Van Beirendonck. His designs are more than whimsical, bold, and unconventional - Walter brings back the fun in fashion. The re-staging of the 'WONDE®' collection was met with an eccentric audience comprised of fans, insiders, bloggers, and BEARS. Van Beirendonck is known for casting and designing for the larger, harrier homosexual, thus, the runway show is less about cold pouting and more about warm hugs. I arrived at the show and immediately noticed a difference from the normal fashion show waiting game: people were smiling at each other and complimenting outfits, COLOR COLOR COLOR, and double-cheek-kisses weren't backed with a bitch slap from the eyes. It was a diverse crowd that wore their individuality and quirkiness without hesitation or guilt, which is really the kind of attitude and bravado one must posses to pull off Van Beirendonck's creations.

The circular runway surrounded bright, traffic-cone-orange hills. I am happy to have seen just that instead of the traditional linear catwalk. This was the perfect setting for bears clad in short shorts and croc-printed tailored clothing. The grip tape on the large center piece suggested frolicking, but I suppose it would have been a little haphazard, and would take away attention from the clothing. There are many subtle details within each design that are striking and fun. For instance, I want the low-cut jumpsuit with all the little pockets in all the right places. Imagine the freedom of a feather weight, sky-blue polo that says "HI" to/for you! Take note of the strong graphics in a sea of bright colors. I understand the fans that came clad in Van Beirendonck; Walter is not about high (nosed) fashion, he is about "Hi, Fashion!" The show was loud in a variety of ways, and everyone present got the message.

The final parade of bears in their birthday suits was a special treat that I never thought I would be able to witness. You can research past shows, or analyze his design philosophy, but the atmosphere created by Van Beirendonck on the runway is something to be experienced. My favorite part of the evening as a whole, apart from the smoking hot man candy on the runway the fashion, was the warmth and happiness of the bear community of the Bay Area. When was the last time you heard cheering from the audience, or saw winks and laughter from the models on the runway of a high profile fashion show?! All in attendance saw an iconic moment deserving of the standing ovation it received. Thank you, Walter Van Beirendonck, for making fashion fun.


A very special thank you to to Lindsey Shook for making all of this possible. You bring the best to the Bay!

- jerome

May 3, 2010

Mixed Messages

Today was the start of my birthday month shopping. I was able to pick up some great khakis and denim, and wonderful pair of true-waisted pleated shorts. During a routine stop at Barney's, my friend and I were stopped in our tracks by the Comme des Garçons half kilt. We both agreed that it would be an easy purchase, but at the same time it reminded me of my current schizophrenic state of style. Here I am with a new pair of khakis, and now I am looking at a kilt?! Would it ever work? Stylist Joe McKenna shows me that I am not completely insane. Observe the easy mix of prep and rebel as Willy Vanderperre photographs the handsomely coiffed Charlie France in this new editorial for Man About Town.

Photos from The Fashionisto

- jerome