August 22, 2011

All Over the Place

It happened with Gaga, it happened with Beyoncé, and now it happened with Adele. I will never forgive myself for missing out on this broad during this tour.

I could listen to her both sing and speak forever. And sure, I feel like weeping while sitting at the bottom of my shower whenever I listen to her music, but it's like the good kind of weeping while sitting at the bottom of my shower - ya' know? This depressing non-summer in San Francisco has left me a bit uninspired. Going back to music helps a lot with this problem. But when I listen to music I always feel like traveling. Itchy feet. My plans for moving to New York in March are solidified in my mind. The motions have been taken to transfer with work to the East Coast and I am pretty anxious. I wish I could just fly away.

Photo via We Could Grow Up Together

Isn't this one of the best pictures of the sky taken from inside an airplane ever? I am pretty surprised with the view. Kwannam Chu took this photo on his way to Hong Kong from Tokyo. The skies I have seen on trips to Japan are truly inspiring. Chu's Blog We Could Grow Old Together has been my latest obsession. The colors, the plane tickets, the Céline... a brother from another mother.

Thus endeth this scatter brained post.

- jerome

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