August 9, 2011

'Till the World Ends

All clothing by Burberry Prorsum SS2011

I have been holding off on blogging this piece because it took me a while to photograph it in ways to show off my favorite parts. I am no model, and my self-timer/tri-pod had a fun time trying to get it right. My Burberry Prorsum collection continues to grow as I welcome the SS2011 Studded Jacket to my closet. First of all, this piece is heavy. It has to weigh at least 10-12 lbs. So far it has broken 3 plastic hangars! The studs are solid metal, which adds most of the weight. It is interesting because the lambskin used for the jacket is so soft and delicate, so you can really see how it is affected by the hardware. There is definitely a distressed look created by the tension that you have to see up close.

I am not quite sure when exactly I am going to wear this piece, but when I saw it on sale, I knew I wasn't going to leave the store without it. The weight of the jacket alone is unpractical, but I don't think that is the point. There is something special about it. Having a studded biker jacket feels like you are wearing armor, or something special at the very least. I feel powerful when I zip it up. Usually biker jackets have strange sleeves, or are cropped in an unflattering silhouette. The cut of this jacket is perfect and flattering. WIN.

And yes, it is the male version of the jacket Britney Spears wears in her 'Till the World Ends music video. As Britney demonstrates, I am totally equipped for clubbing in a post apocalyptic society!

- jerome

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