August 12, 2011

Blue Period

Scott Campbell Tattoo Stole in Bleu by Louis Vuitton, Navy Wallet on a Chain by Chanel, Custom Navy Pentagram Harness by Zana Bayne Leather, 35cm Bleu de Malte Clemence Birkin and Indigo Suede Collier de Chien by Hermés

I am going through my blue period. Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of the sky and the sea, calm and clarity. A deep, rich shade of blue is bewitching - especially in leather. Here are a few of my true blue darlings displayed on a wooden deer head and gold leaf console from Shotwell SF. If you have kept up with me thus far, all but one of these treasures should already look familiar. Welcome to the family the Chanel Wallet on a Chain. It is the cutest, handiest little bag. Inside, the elegant clutch is lined with navy grosgrain ribbon and comes equipped with 6 card slots, 2 pockets, and 2 zippered pouches. On the outside, the luxurious caviar lambskin leather is decorated with silver double C's and a convenient pocket on the back, hanging on a silver chain that is laced with more leather. Originally I bought the bag to serve as a crossbody, but when I tuck the chain away it becomes an awesome clutch. The size is functional and fits all the essentials. I am still on the fence about getting one of the classic 2.55 bags because it is too feminine for my style. Not that this Wallet on a Chain is the butchest thing I own, but it still compliments my wardrobe. It is the perfect first Chanel for me!

Blue is a color I really connect with. I wonder if there are any colors that just sing to you?

- jerome


  1. I'm a complete sucker for green right now!!! I don't even know how it came about but I'm even considering dying my hair green!!! also the harness is soooooo perfect!!!

  2. I'snt the harness wonderful! Check out the new Lady Gaga video for "You and I." Zana Bayne designed the harnesses for that video. Make sure to order one before the inevitable demand!!

    Green is a wonderful color! But be ready for the hair color because green can fade into some unfortunate shades. Make sure to have a stylist on hand for touch ups or changes :)


    - jerome