August 2, 2011

Funny Grandma, Dick

Here is a video of Barbara Streisand in 1975. This is simply the best performance of this song, and it will never be sung like that ever again. I loved the smokiness of the 1970s and the attempted revival of art nouveau (or is that misty, watercolor VHS tracking?). But then there was also the whole moomoo period too. You can see B give a fatty "NAMASTE" to the crowd before she kills her own song. I happen to like this particular gown though. It reminds me of something Galliano would have designed for Dior haute couture, minus a head piece, crazy make up, and some ankle breaking heels . I must have posted this video in different places dozens of times, but I still cannot get over how perfect her profile is. GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY.

- jerome

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