August 1, 2011

Welcome to the Dungeon

Button down by Prada, Cuff by Hermés, Denim by Uniqlo, Pentagram Harness by Zana Bayne

Whilst vacationing in New York, I paid a visit to the studio of my dear friend Zana Bayne. Her leather fashion happens to be garnering a lot of attention these days and I could not be prouder! I wanted to preview her Fall 2011 collection, pull for my photo shoot, and shop. Upon entering, I was met with racks of harnesses, rolls of hyde, and the fragrant smell of leather. It was incredible to see the volume of product that she produces in her studio. There are certain samples being packed and readied for some impressive names in the business. One couldn't possibly resist placing a few orders! Above is a custom Pentagram harness that Zana made for me. It is the only one she has ever made in navy. Each strip of leather is delicately finished with painted sides, showing the quality and craftsmanship in her hand-made pieces. I feel so special!!

So that is where all the BLACK magic happens. Zana's space is such an inspiration. She has such a good idea of who she is as an artist and designer, but I know that she will always have this ability to grow and evolve in the best possible ways. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next! I left New York with the navy Pentagram harness and two other pieces from her upcoming AW2011 collection, including the Hex harness from the last post, and the new Low Brace harness/belt that I will show you in my next post.


- jerome

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