August 16, 2011

Something is Missing in My Life

RIP Burberry Prorsum Barbed Wire Ring 2009-2011

Amongst a roller coaster ride of a day (literally), I am devastated by a terrible loss. Today, at Six Flags, my Burberry Prorsum Barbed Wire Ring was lost. I have worn it almost every day for almost 3 years and it is quite painful to be without it. The strange thing is that it my most secured ring, a true fit for my right pinky. Losing this treasure so dear to me is absolutely heart breaking and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I love you, ring, wherever you are.

When I lose something like this, I always wonder what will become of it. In this music video, Jerrica loses the earrings that allow her to become Jem. Strangely enough it is exactly what I am going through right now. Losing this ring is like losing a part of me and I have to think of where it is now. Like what happened to that huge sapphire in Titanic when Rose dropped it into the water? Unfortunately, my ring is probably covered in trash and scraps of funnel cake. I wish it a better fate, and a person worthy of wearing it.

The ring is from many seasons ago, so it is next to impossible to replace. I hope the powers that be will put one on eBay, or someone out there will see this and be able to sell me one. This one is going to take a while to heal :(

- jerome

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