October 27, 2011

Black, Blanc, Blue: Back to Basics

Uniqlo +J Jacket, Zara Caftan, J. Crew Denim, Burberry Prorsum Loafers

Sometimes, nothing beats the classic combination of a crisp white shirt, your favorite jeans, and a well tailored jacket. Update the look and play with proportions. I can't wait to go shopping for winter :)

- jerome

October 18, 2011

Dries Van Noten SS2012

My favorite show from Paris was Dries Van Noten. Quite a bold statement, but this SS2012 collection is in tune with my personal style on every level. The prints, the tailoring, and even the peplum pants have my checking account tearing with anxiety. The master of prints mixes the city with the wilderness in a random - yet perfectly orchestrated - selection of images. The "lightscapes" are from the works of photographer James Reeve in a series that focuses on capturing the light in the dark. This theme is off beat for your average Spring show but Dries often benefits greatly from the unexpected. I never thought I could feel the same serenity in representations of both the ocean and Circus Circus, but trust Dries to harness that kind of emotion. He is so bad ass clever he decided to throw in an embellished matador jacket to an already stunning show of sophisticated silhouettes.

Dries was quoted backstage that he was inspired by the volume he had seen at the "Balenciaga and Spain" exhibit in San Francisco. DEAR DRIES: I CANT BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T CALL ME?!! I totally go to the de Young like all the time, dood!

I have to stay on top of these shirts so that I don't have another Céline mishap. The Circus Circus print reminds me of my childhood and running through the Midway, playing games to win stuffed animals and begging my parents for more quarters for the arcade. Everything would stop when the acrobats would perform over head. The peplum pants and shorts may have to be a try on, but I am pretty sure they will both be too feminine for my taste.

Photo by Emil Dizon


- jerome

October 17, 2011

Norman Ambrose SS2012

The last show I attended for New York Fashion Week was Norman Ambrose. I had no idea what to expect, but it was a treat when standing room guests were allowed seats and I was able to get to the second row. This came at a huge advantage for Ambrose's Spring 2012 runway presentation. There is an incredible amount of detail in the endless opulence of this collection. Each ensemble was dripping with sparkle; crafted from luxurious fabrics that were tailored to perfection.

There is a distinct Asian influence in the design. I loved the black paddy hats and mix of coral and jade. The stand out piece has to be the golden urchin jacket. Watching it come down the runway, I overheard one of the design assistants say that the piece was made of glass rods. That thing has to weigh a ton! Now I may not like the entire collection but I can appreciate the work and skill that went into it. Maybe one day I will be a legit Fu Tai Tai (the Mandarin term for "Real Housewives of China") and need a jewel encrusted cover up for my jewel encrusted bikini, but until then the only thing I can relate to is the urchin coat - kind of. It has to weigh as much as the Burberry Prorsum studded jacket. Still, a lovely presentation by Ambrose.

- jerome

October 14, 2011


Zara Tunic, H&M Trousers, Burberry Prorsum Loafers, Balenciaga Clutch

My obsession with the Céline silhouette continues. I may have missed out on the foulard blouse, but thank goodness for Zara and fast fashion. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I GOT THIS CAFTAN/TUNIC/THING IN THE MEN'S SECTION?? I usually don't shop at this brand's men's department, but I was able to acquire the "limited edition" piece in New York. Zara has an approxiamte 2 week capsule turn around (introducing new looks every two weeks) so I am not quite sure what limited edition really means, but I could not find the tunic here in San Francisco. Perhaps limited edition pieces are only available at certain locations. This tunic is one of my new favorite daily staples. Not only does it fill the void in my heart closet of the Céline blouse, but it is also excellent for layering. The front-tuck is perfect for the long top. Also, behold my new Balenciaga envelope clutch. I was attracted to the anthracite color because it is a shade of blue/ocean that has a similarity to stone. The clutch is the perfect size for all essentials and daily use.

Summer is finally here. It is strange to not bring a jacket to work on account of having 80 degree weather. I hope it keeps up!!

- jerome

Backstage Pass

Working in nightlife has its perks of bypassing lines and getting backstage. This comes as an advantage when traveling abroad too, as a blogging gaysian is still kind of endearing abroad (for now - goddammit BryanBoy, TommyTon... call me JerryJoy??). But there is nothing quite like the thrill of rushing backstage after a fashion show. It was my first time, and I didn't want to over step my bounds, but seeing Robert Geller and all the workings of his fantastic presentation was a humbling experience! The make-up chairs, the changing models that I didn't take pictures of I SWEAR, and the interviews were all insanely intoxicating!

New York Fashion Week would not be complete without a WOOSTER SIGHTING

- jerome

October 11, 2011

Robert Geller SS2012

One of my favorite menswear shows from NYFW was Robert Geller. Each season I am impressed by Geller's collections. The cuts and shapes of his designs are some of the freshest and most romantic for the modern gentleman. I developed a taste for Geller's aesthetic years ago while he was designing for Cloak, a brand he launched with Alexandre Plokhov. The two parted ways in 2004 and the label eventually closed down in 2007, but thank goodness both men are still designing some of the best menswear out there (both received honors from the CFDA). This season, Geller experimented with "unorthodox" shapes in his design. The proportions and silhouettes are changed by accessories, oversized clothing, and tailoring. Linens, jerseys, and mesh are all used in this handsome Spring collection.

Note that all accessories including the hats and jewelry are a collaboration with Brooklyn-based designer Scosha. Also, the brogues are part of a continuing partnership with Common Projects. I am quite fond of Geller's collaborations. There is still a bracelet he did with Alyssa Norton that I am searching for.

It was an incredible experience to attend the runway presentation. There were some big names in the front row, and considering my goals to work as an editor, I was quite intimidated to be sitting inches from the head honchos of several international editions of GQ, Vogue Hommes, and many more publications I read on the daily. What a show to see! On my way to catch a cab back to my apartment, I found myself just outside the Altuzarra show as it finished. Talk about fashion celebrities...

- jerome

October 10, 2011

Meanwhile at Loden Dager

Why, yes! That IS Danny Beauchamp and Vincent Lacrocq! I arrived at the Loden Dager show last month just in time to catch these two on a break. I am glad I got these two boys when I did. I mean, VINCENT LOCROCQ.

One of the first things I learned during my first round at NYFW is that nothing starts on time. Getting anywhere early, or sticking around after, offers you the opportunity to see everything that goes into fashion show production and attendance. I can't wait to go back in February. The marathon might not as be as charming in the snow, but I think I am ready for it - or at least mentally prepared.

- jerome

October 9, 2011

CASSETTES: The Reunion


"Remember when Thursdays were FUN in SF? Remember when we all packed the Matador on dirty ass Market St. every week in a sweaty mess and got down to top 40 hip hop for hours on end? Remember those nights where it was weird if somebody didn't leave bleeding...if you didn't go around the corner to the alley to slam a Sparks...if somebody didn't get sick on the dancefloor...if some dumb couple didn't get into a screaming match in front of everybody...if some bum didn't harass/threaten every single person smoking outside...if you remembered the name of the person you woke up next to the morning after. Ahhhhhhh the good ole days.

We remember those nights fondly, so much in fact, we are going to do it all again for one time only. That's right, a Cassette's reunion! The same cast of characters in the same bar on the same night getting wild to the same music. Lets relive those glory days for one night.

Hosted by NATE ALWAYS. These assholes throwin down the jams: ST. GABRIEL • MAMA HEN • UGLY NORWEGIAN • ELI GLAD. This jerk documenting it all: JEROME POUR HOMME. Thursday, Oct. 6 @ Showdown. Flier by IAN MYERS"

I left my heart in San Francisco at CASSETTES.

- jerome

October 3, 2011

Honor SS2012

Giovanna Randall presented a wonderful selection of dresses for Honor's Spring 2012 collection. What I loved the most in the show was the play on the peter pan collar. There were cut outs to simulate the shape, exposing delicate decolletage. I feel like this is what Joan from Mad Men would have worn when she was in high school. Another favorite of mine was the gold plated metal collar accenting many of the looks. This is such an easy statement neck piece to add to any shirt for instant drama without costume. I hope that collar comes in silver! The show was a super sweet parade of ponytails and petticoats. If you are one for modern takes on 1950's dresses, I highly suggest you check out the rest of this collection.

- jerome

Beirut Live at The Independent, San Francisco

Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing Beirut live at the wonderfully intimate Independent in San Francisco. Beirut is one of those bands that I have wanted to see in concert, curious if their magic can be replicated live. There are certain songs and music styles that can capture exactly how I feel during significant moments in my life. Zach Condon's voice does just that, and he sounds perfect on the microphone. The blasts of the brass instuments, the deep and penetrating pitch of Condon's vocals, the haunting harmonies - they all come together in the most perfect way. If you have ever been to The Independent, you might have some idea of just how fantastic my view was. Jeremy and I arrived pretty early after we finished dinner to have a few drinks and save our spots on the benches of the terrace to the right of the stage. Here, I was able to stand and dance with a perfect view of the band. The carnival lights draped above the stage truly set the tone for the worldly music. I was in a trance the entire show. The band was in a particularly great mood and was so appreciative of the audience, rewarding us with a triple encore. It was quite an experience.

You can kind of see me standing all the way to the right of the screen. Look for a glare in a pair of eyeglasses :)

There are a handful of videos up on YouTube now from last night's show. High fives if you were there. I don't think I have ever seen a horn jam session, with a Tuba solo to boot. Someone buy me a ukulele.

- jerome