January 6, 2010

Fully Backed: Go or No on Lady Gaga

I am sure that Lady Gaga causes debates amongst friends, family, and spouses. Whether you love or hate her (I do not really care), I wanted to share a little something that this guy says about the artist:

Photo from NYMag.com's The Cut

"Lady Gaga. I like the mix-and-match approach to style, the newness. She's like the new Madonna. Eventually her style is going to trickle down and influence the mass market."

"I first met her at a photo shoot for V Magazine. It was instant love. I had always stayed away from celebrity and musicians before, but she was so different. Instantly we understood each other completely. We started working naturally - all the videos, shows, tours, etc," he explains.

I already have my opinions on Lady Gaga (and you too, probably, don't care), but let's just say if one my heroes is behind her, I consider myself fully backed. Because if there is one opinion on fashion that I will follow almost blindly it is Nicola Formichetti's. He is the all powerful, mighty mind behind almost everything in print that stops me in my tracks. VALIDATION!

In other news, someone please stop my shopping addiction.

- jerome

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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oniomania

    seriously, i feel like my compulsive spending is getting outta hand as well.

    we need to form a support group or maybe just go to barneys.