January 7, 2010

The Shadow Birkin

A woman came in to my work today with an Hermès Birkin on her arm. It was a gorgeous, 30cm Black Togo Leather Birkin with Gold Finish hardware. I talked to her about it, how she got it, and how many others she had (2 others, one in navy and one in croc). I nearly fainted when she told me she got her Black Birkin at the Hermès in San Francisco. This gave me more hope, as the Black or Gold Birkins are the ones I am saving for! With inspiration and another look at my Birkin fund, I was surfing the web when I cam across this:

I had never seen the shadow Birkin before. It is like Hermès adopted Jean Paul Gaultier and made him breed with Martin Margiela, using Natalia Brilli as the surrogate. A genius bag for sure, but surprisingly not for me. I love leather-covered/embossed/stamped anything (pretty much), but when it comes to the holy grail of handbags, I want the classic.

- jerome

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