January 19, 2010

Rival Schools

As Milan Fashion Week continues, the prep school theme seems to have blanketed a good portion of the major collections. Whether or not I am seeing school-boys in these designs because it is an actual trend or because of my own fetish (probably the latter), it is fascinating to think about how these designers would interpret school uniforms. Can you IMAGINE?! I went to a Catholic, all-boy, private college preparatory, but we didn't have uniforms and I still feel a little cheated. Which school are you going to apply to this fall?

Salvatore Ferragamo's sophisticated look comes from both design and fabrication. Such luxurious wools and skins are used to create the perfect top coats and riding boots. Definitely seniors majoring in post, post, post modern literature. The belted waists add shape to the top heavy silhouette. I find the duffel coat particularly charming, like it would go with everything; that is exactly what I will be telling myself when I buy it.

Nothing out of the ordinary from Neil Barrett... another forward and wearable collection! Once an avid, all-black enthusiast myself, Neil Barrett was my go-to for black, sleeveless tuxedo shirts and the like. This season, he plays with color blocking and just the right amount of embellishment. I am a fan of the half-colored jackets but I am not sure I myself would wear it, especially with all the color I have been wearing lately. But this is definitely where the goth kids go, and where the military trend appears again. Also, this womenswear look is totally do-able, and I demand a male version of that peep-toe boot.

If Frankie Morello outfitted the kids from this school, it would probably be a public school, Breakfast Club type situation. I like that this collection was so varied. In this selection alone we have the nerd, the goth, the rebel, and the jock. I usually shy away from these kinds of clothes, but after looking it over a couple of times I realized they are workable as separates. Unlike DSQUARED or D&G or whatever other ALL CAPS, gaudy-ass, ultra-Italian, Jersey Shore douche brand, I don't see a lot of logo. And I love a good man-skirt.

I am excited for the rest of the shows. Watch closely to see if the same school aesthetic pop's up anywhere else!

- jerome

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