January 19, 2010

Henchmen, After Them!

Why the video game and science fiction industry do not collaborate with fashion designers more often is beyond me. Miuccia Prada designed costumes for the anime film Appleseed Ex Machina, but that is the closest thing so far. Imagine the beautiful interpretations of super-hero costumes that could be seen on screen instead of the sartorial train wrecks seen on the big-screen. Some of the most forward designers already incorporate the futuristic, meta-human aesthetic into their designs. I think the major barrier for collaboration might be the hot babes and penis envy. Get over it already, and please put Ryan Reynolds in some skin-tight Versace!!

Futuristic grunge comes to mind with this collection. It is in someways awkward, just like in the 1990's when rock music fans would wear baggy pants. That should never ever happen again. It takes a certain type of person to wear giulianoFujiwara for sure, but I would hope that in a post-apocalyptic world, gangs would wear stuff like this. Picture them with bats, smashing in windshields. I wouldn't mind a little action with these guys. I have faith in the cropped jacket for men. One day.

The Fall 2010 Alexander McQueen menswear show was the perfect compliment to the womenswear collection. The color palette is different but divine, soft yet masculine. McQueen uses tons of prints again, creating the same sense of species as his female sea creatures. I would love to see these guys in the Matrix rather than those crazy albinos with cyber-dreads. I am a major fan of prints this season, and thank goodness this collection offers such a selection! I was secretly hoping for the men's version of the armadillo/crab claw shoe, but I guess stirrup pants and printed ankle boots is a sufficient consolation prize.

I think all henchmen, since they always run in packs, should be in skin tight leather with slicked back hair. Who wants to see sloppy joes running around in ill-fitting suits? I want to see these Versace studs parkour! Donatella's latest collection for Versace Uomo screams hot henchmen who can high-kick. Somehow it is all futuristic, even without the TRON lights that frame the runway. The shapes and tailoring all contribute to the semi-super-human look. I am on the fence about the white hot prints, but the Euro-clubber inside of me is begging to have one of those jumpers!

- jerome

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