January 28, 2010

It Is But It Isn't

Oxford Shirt by Burberry, Denim Shirt by Uniqlo, Chocolate iPhone Case by Homade, Luster Ring by Ugo Cacciatori, Hammered Ring by Louis Vuitton, Y-Mail Ring by Yves Saint Laurent, Barbed Wire Ring by Burberry

At a young age I discovered safes disguised as books (those thick books with a huge hole in it to stash valuables) and ever since I was fascinated by objects that looked like one thing but was something completely different.

WIN. I saw this "Chocolate Bar" iPhone case randomly somewhere on the Internet and instantly fell in love. It looks delicious, but I cannot use it when going out. The phone pops out of the case quite easily, so really it acts as a protective sleeve from keys and other potential scratch inducing items. I normally use a handbag anyway, so it was a small/practical investment.

Also, my Barbed Wire Ring finally arrived from Burberry. It took a while to track down, but it was worth the wait. It is another physical metaphor that I adore. I accidentally "keyed" a car the other night while intoxicated innocently strolling along the street, but casualties are to be expected with such a dangerous ring. Chalk it up to Karma (whose, I don't know).

- jerome

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