January 5, 2010

Burberry Ad Campaign SS2010

Dear Mario Testino and Christopher Bailey,

I love your work. Please hire me as [whatever you need me to be] so that I may get a glimpse as to how you two do what you do:

Also, please tell Emma Watson to give me all her unwanted swag be my best friend and Alex Watson to call me.


The Spring/Summer 2010 Ad Campaigns for Burberry (photographed by Mario Testino) were released today. The campaign, starring Emma Watson, George Craig, and Alex Watson, features clothing from the Bruberry Prorsum, London, and Brit lines. The iconic check and trench colors are obviously present, but I love the hint of pastels in the lighting that are reminiscent of the colors shown on the runway. George and Emma, once again, play the "Bad Boy/Good Girl" combo. A perfect fit if you ask me. I love the twisted looks from Prorsum and the fresh, clean looks of London and Brit. Plus, YOU KNOW I LOVE ME A CINCHED WAIST WITH A GIANT HANDBAG OR FANCY CLUTCH! Burberry has gotten a major face lift, all deliciously classic but modern, and courtesy of Christopher Bailey.

See the rest at Burberry.com

- jerome

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