January 29, 2010

Wait List

All clothes by Prada, Fall 2010

One learns to appreciate a good day off after finally getting a job. Sure, my life as a photographer was work, but being paid to be nocturnal was more pleasure (and everyday was a day off except for school). My plans for today were clear: pick up dry cleaning, get haircut, and shop. After trying on tops and jeans that didn't fit quite right, and thumbing through SLGs and charms that lost my interest, I gave up. What was wrong with me? It dawned on me that I was looking for something that was not available yet, something new for spring, or only as samples for Fall 2010.

Enter the wait listing system. While at a few boutiques, I inquired about a few pieces from the runway shows. Hesitant sales associates said they weren't available, but BITCH PLEASE, I broke them down verbally and was presented with the price lists for the store's Spring buy (eventually I was handed off to a really nice SA that I could relate to which was perfect because I can only pretend to be intimidating for like 5 minutes). I have every intention of doing this for the Fall 2010 season because, well, you saw all the greatness. Anyway, the Spring runway pieces I want are insanely priced. I cannot in good conscience put myself on a wait list without seeing what I am buying, so I will wait for the trunk show. There is only one thing I would get on a list for without seeing it, especially since I need to buy time to save for it, and that is a Birkin. And possibly a baby in the future. If I were Angelina, I could probably bypass both wait lists.


- jerome

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