January 20, 2010

Gucci, Mainly

Get a load of the man-Birkin! This season, Gucci showed a plethora of charming gentleman's bags. All of them simple, sophisticated, and EXPEN$IVE. One of the main styles was an Hermès Birkin-like bag that is begging for attention. Pictured here are the suede, calf-skin, and crocodile versions. I am not sure if that croc is real exotic skin. I love the shape of the bag, and feet at the bottom almost always seals the deal. I am not too fond of the Gucci stripes on this style, so I guess I will just have to get the croc! Just do not abbreviate this bag (or an actual Birkin used by a man) as a "M-irkin." That just sounds like a whole different accessory.

I think it is safe to say my favorite bag shape would have to be a structured satchel. This is why I am obsessed with the "Speedy," the "Boston," and other bags with a classic shape. Gucci is not always my favorite, even with Frida Gianinni. The ready to wear is hit or miss and the accessories too loud in my opinion. Also, the house's monogram is copied and counterfeited to no end. These new bags are recognizable as Gucci because of the stripes, and though they are pretty dramatic, at least they are not that same redundant monogram.

By the way, I am not saying I hate all monogram designs. Even the Louis Vuitton monogram (arguably the most recognizable in the luxury market) can be quite elegant when used properly. Monograms worth their weight in revenue are classics for a reason. Their lasting power is proof enough of their classic aesthetic, but like almost anything, there is such a thing as too much.

- jerome

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