April 30, 2010

The Seventh Heart is A.OK

San Francisco's finest gathered at twilight to celebrate the opening of a new pop-up store for New York's A.OK. I was surprised and elated to see many faces from the past, reminding me just how fast city life can be no matter what side of the country you're on. I realized that I have met a lot of people through a mutual love for fashion and art and even though communication is sometimes lost, all it takes is one evening to reconnect. There was a wonderful mixture of boys and girls and gays; and as with any fashionable party, a whole lot of black.

The OAK name caught the attention of many fashion insiders but the product seen at The Seventh Heart, the charming host for the East/West collaboration, created a buzz that would allow A.OK to shine out on its own. The defining pieces from the collab collection were the message shirts using the brand's play-on-words namesake to rep both cities. The visual elements of these simple shirts speak clearly to the nature of both graphically driven brands. Other A.OK finds include tees and flannels to keep the SF boy well rounded for Spring.

There was quite a turn out for the event. It was as if someone new had just arrived, right until the very end of the night. The sheer volume of people in attendance was enough to call the night a success, never mind the significant collaboration that was the "guest" of honor. This is the first of multiple A.OK pop-ups across the nation, but I am happy that the first is in the city by the bay.

A huge hug and kiss to The Seventh Heart and A.OK!!
Click here to view more pictures from the opening party, as well as accessory highlights, the product of my leather goods obsession and TTT (Tommy Ton Tendencies).

- jerome

April 28, 2010

I Got Your Sheep, Little Bo Peep

Toy Sheep by Burberry

A long time ago I walked into Burberry and saw the most darling little sheep. They were a little strange, fully fluffy, perfectly ME, and... not for sale. I was going to try to pull an Emily Gilmore with the sales associate and sternly suggest that, "EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE," but I wasn't exactly a bad-ass at 14, and my mother taught me better than to be disrespectful on sacred ground. Flash forward almost a decade (WTF?!) and by some stroke of pure luck, the sheep are mine! I cannot get into specifics, and really the specifics would just bore you, but I am the proud owner of these two sheep. They're actually grazing on my carpet right now. I have to name them still (perhaps one Christopher, and the other Bailey? or would that make me an asshole tacky??), but these guys make the best pets because they are cute, small, and will not get hair on/chew up the many designer shoes, handbags, and clothes scattered throughout the house.


And don't forget about tomorrow's event: A.OK + The Seventh Heart!!


April 26, 2010

Seeing Red


Photos from The Fashionisto

Emilio Tini's work for FHM Collections has me swooning. Maybe it's my recent affinity for red leather, or maybe it's all the glitter, but I am in love with these boys in crimson and diamond. Red paint and expensive clothing both speak to my fear about wearing too much leather in a city of vegans that tote "Neiman Carcass" signage. I know red should be translating as blood, but this is fashion, darling! Check out the rest of the shoot.

- jerome

April 25, 2010

Double Take

Shirt by Uniqlo, Denim Jacket and Khakis by H&M, Sunglasses by Tom Ford, Bag by Louis Vuitton, YSL pin, and Vintage boots

Yesterday I had a Romy and Michelle moment: I combed through racks of clothes and said, "I have nothing to wear." Sometimes I cannot seem to make anything work in the previews of my mind. I discovered a few pieces I have not worn in well over a year; I could tell because sadly they were from about 7 lbs ago I found them all the way in the back, peeking out by chance behind a silk kimono. It is important to do a double take since finding old clothes is such a victory! These pieces take me back, but I am glad I can incorporate them with my current style mood.

- jerome

April 23, 2010

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Shirt by Tim Hamilton, Laser Cut Sweater by Pleasure Principle, Denim Trousers by Hussein Chalayan, Ring by Burberry Prorsum,
Bag by Louis Vuitton, Slippers by Purplow

There is a quiet satisfaction when people take notice of a great statement piece. I am floored when I see couture on the red carpet, but it is really impressive when people can work show stoppers into their daily wardrobe. My favorite details in a good outfit come from circumstantial visibility, which is pretty much a better way of saying that I like stuff you can only see sometimes. For instance, it can be moving to discover the low back on a gown when a model turns on the runway; and on the street, it is spotting the perfect complementing pattern peeking out from under a sleeve or hem. Tommy Ton is really good at capturing these things on JAK & JIL. The irregular placement of a unique design element can often lead to the most memorable moment.

The mullet was the last thing I thought could define an awesome style philosophy. However, the connection came to mind when I cringed at the fashion mullet I'm sporting in my driver's license picture came across this Pleasure Principle sweater as I was cleaning out my closet during Mercury Retrograde. It is just a regular gray sweater in the front, but from behind it has a wonderful skull graphic. Using cutouts to layer over solid colors adds dimension, which creates more impact than the average graphic tee. I also love these shoes with the red soles. They are from a generic Asian eBay brand, which is fine since I cannot wear Louboutins.

- jerome

April 20, 2010

Nomadic Muses

As the forecasts continue to be wrong, I continue to take caution about introducing Spring looks too soon. I am all about suffering to wear a shoe, or sucking in to wear a pear of pants, but I refuse to wear shorts on a chilly day. This time of uncertainty is good for thinking about new inspirations. I have the color palette down, but a defined look is still to be developed. So far I have come to adopt the prep look and good tailoring, but with the addition of 2 pairs of vintage boots to my wardrobe, a new aesthetic is a brewin'.

I have always admired the gypsy look, but never truly related to it. The instances of rock and roll that have passed through my life are near and dear to my heart, but they were embodied by the friends I have loved and lost who lived the lifestyle. That look takes commitment that I cannot subscribe to, especially when you are ripped apart when you play rock and roll half way. My newest obsession is nomads. I love the idea of ethnic jewelry, embellishments, prints, and garments juxtaposed with tailoring and luxury goods (I forsee a TON of Dries Van Noten shopping). Luckily I believe in the power of a good leather jacket, a trusty rucksack, and a sharp blazer. But I am getting ahead of myself. Here is more inspiration for Spring, a la Lily and Daria. Mario Testino does it again, and I thank him for giving me something to dream about when it is raining. It is a constant challenge to adopt looks like these into my everyday street style, especially considering it is all from womenswear. But it is a challenge I gladly accept. Check out the full spread, the photography and styling are breath taking!

So yeah, I have my work cut out for me this spring :)

- jerome

Spring Palette

Callum Turner by Esteban Palazuelos - Photos from The Fashionisto

Here comes the rain again. I cannot wait for consistent sun, but lately that seems like too much to ask for from San Francisco. I still love this city. Time to try out my new boots! Let's hope I don't break my ankles though. You will see what I mean.

This shoot is perfect for how I am feeling: I just want to wear Spring, but outside everything looks too wet!

- jerome

April 19, 2010

Target Acquired: Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Khaki Néo and Rainbow Bag Charm

How I (used to) spend my free time, whispering "I WILL SAVE YOU."

There are moments when you realize you simply cannot live without that special something. After purchasing my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Néo, I was extremely happy. It is the perfect bag in terms of size, shape, and color. It is one of those pieces I can use every day (when it isn't raining), and it will last forever. But every time I thought of my first love, the Monogram Eden Khaki Néo, there was a deep aching in my heart.

The obsession never ceased. From the moment I saw it on the runway, I knew the Monogram Eden Néo was to be mine... until I was forced to choose between two perfections. It was a Sophie's Choice situation, and I went with the "practical" Monogram Canvas. I was so happy, but I knew something was still missing. I would get butterflies as I saw the Eden Néo in passing, and I was losing so much sleep thinking about the royal metallic colors and ultra supple lambskin. I do not regret buying the Monogram Canvas bag in the least, and I am proud to say I saved enough to get all my favorite accessories from Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Not everyone will understand how anyone could ever spend so much on a handbag. To be honest, I cannot waste my time on why other people love, hate, or disagree with this bag; I can only express why I love this new addition to my collection. First of all, the model itself is already tried and true, as the Monogram Canvas Néo has served me well without fail for as long as I have had it. Also, the color is a unique shade of green that speaks to me. The Khaki brings a sparkle to my eye, and will age beautifully as the calf leather begins to develop a darker patina. This is my favorite color from the Eden collection which, in itself, is absolutely inspired. The Eden collection is a salute to the beauty of the nature found in the urban jungle. I am a city boy for sure, but I love to escape using the beauty of the world around us. The concept is relevant to me and as precious as the bag itself. The craftsmanship that goes into the Eden collection is exquisite. Lambskin bags are ultra-luxurious goods to begin with but when you discover that each ribbon of metallic Monogram Canvas is individually cut, aligned, set, and sewn on each of the Eden bags, they become works of art. The look is completely different from the original indestructible Monogram Canvas with its own unique charm. Why didn't I realize it before? Having these two bags is just like having more than one Speedy: with each different Canvas or Epi, there is a completely new bag to fall for with the same charm and function.

Speaking of charms, I went for broke and purchased the Rainbow Bag charm as well. It is one of the defining icons of the collection. You have to see how the tassels sway, flowing like the golden locks of Alphonse Mucha's flower maidens. And do not even get me started on the sound the tassels make... it is like satisfaction with each step. The luggage tag I bought previously has been hot stamped in gold with my initials, like icing on a very expensive cake. And as my best gay put it, "I kind of want to lick... eat this bag."

Never did I imagine I would be able to own both of these bags. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! All the blood, sweat, and tears of a retail day job DOES pay off. She works hard for the money handbags. My next task is to recreate the red fox tail that never went into production... and SAVE EVERY PAYCHECK FROM NOW UNTIL my actual birthday ETERNITY TO PAY FOR THIS BABY.

Call me Asian. I am. Call it an old Russian lady's bag. Well, razreshitie predstaveet babushka. I LOVE IT!! I couldn't be happier, now I can shut up about it :)


- jerome

April 17, 2010

Don't Worry, I'll Catch You

Hanne Gaby Odiele by Lina Scheynius for Numéro Korea

And after months of wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and praying, making the Louis Vuitton Néo Bag in Khaki part of my life is in the foreseeable future. The obsession has led to many sleepless nights and selling my own children pieces from my wardrobe... and apparently this bag has me quoting The Get Up Kids now. All of the restlessness is about to come to end. Stay tuned!!

- jerome

April 15, 2010

Hearty for the Party

A.OK, the younger sister of OAK NYC, is hosting an event in collaboration with The Seventh Heart in San Francisco. Check it out on April 29th! I will be there covering the event, and I look forward to seeing/meeting/photographing you :)

Jerome Pour Homme Picks: (left) The Seventh Heart Cowl Neck Poncho and Chaser Merchandising's Patrick Nagel Cop Hat Tee available at A.OK

- jerome

At the Ballet

Last night, I attended the 2010 San Francisco Ballet School Student Showcase, hosted by Salvatore Ferragamo and the San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary. It was a bit uncomfortable being one of the youngest guests there, excluding the blushing 16-year-old swans ballet dancers. After a few glasses of champagne and some delicious hors d'oeuvres I loosened up and took a look around. Ferragamo is synonymous with high-quality luxury accessories, and each piece was wonderfully displayed in a monochromatic setting of slate, chrome, and ivory fixtures. I felt a bit like the bad influence at a coming out party: under dressed, drinking too much, and wearing my shoes on the carpet. If it were normal business hours I would feel perfectly normal around my fellow retail queens. However, there was something about the label-clad older crowd that made me back away from the merchandise. It is undeniable that the shoes and bags are beautiful and backed by a tradition of fine craftsmanship, but Ferragamo is simply too conservative for my taste. I also feel like their womens RTW is unfocused, which explains Cristina Ortiz being ousted as head designer. Also, the menswear buy is too safe for a flagship store. I will say, though, that these "rich" women can color coordinate (rich-ISH, really... I didn't see anyone wearing SS10, and there wasn't a handbag over $5,000):

It seems like many of these women dressed according to the colors of the costumes and the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy

The night was really a benefit for the San Francisco Ballet School. One of my first memories of moving to San Francisco is being surrounded by ballet dancers on the bus on my way home from downtown. There was a group from the school that attended the party. These dancers glided across the floor like the fragile, nubile youths that they were. I wanted to feel inspired to reclaim some of the natural elegance from my youth, but they made me feel fat so I said fuck it and ate as many finger foods as I could. Various costumes from the company were on display. Stage costumes are usually incredibly intricate in detailing, but these are something else. The bead work on both the bodice and tutu of each garment is quite impressive. I wish we could all dress a little more rococo:

These last shoes are beautiful, but obviously not part of the costumes. I was just having a Tommy Ton moment.

- jerome

3 , 2 , 1 Launch

A snapshot of the online store's opening screen

Exciting news! For those of you who have lusted after the wondrous wears of Patrik Ervell, but have the sad luck of living in a city not included in his stockists, then your time has come! Patrik Ervell is now available online through the official website. Now is your chance to snag the goodies straight from the source. Upon the launch of Ervell's e-commerce, you are greeted by a set of handsome models as they tousle their hair and fidget with their zippers, buttons, and pockets - an absolute mood setter for the brand built for boyish charms - and just in time for Spring. But walk, don't run, because it seems that the store is having technical difficulties. Either the coders are getting a talking to, or an exuberant amount of hungry fans are crashing the site.

Photo from Jak and Jil

UPDATE: It's back online! Peep the moving models :)

- jerome

April 14, 2010

More to Come

I apologize for the lack of updates. There has been a lot going on in Jerome land, mostly working for birthday shopping money. But I promise there has been a lot going on and I will post soon. For now, I am trying to figure out eBay, and balance time with friends, family, and work.

Hang in there!! I know I am trying to.

- jerome

April 9, 2010

JPH Sale - Apparel

So here are some pieces from my closet that I love as children, but must put up for adoption as I never spend any time with them. I love each and every one, but I think I know enough people who could wear these beautiful pieces as they deserve to be worn. As always, prices are not set in stone so make me an offer if you want at Jeromeisonline@gmail.com.

rag & bone Shooting Jacket (Size 36) $175

This romantic shooting jacket is lined with a quilted warmer, the perfect jacket for any fall season. It is in great condition as I rarely wore it. It really keeps you warm!

Prada Snow Assassin Vest $100

This was certainly one of my favorite find on eBay. The vest is a great Prada piece because it can be worn in different ways, it is 100% wool, and it is actually functional when layered. I am not sure about the size, but the velcro harness in the back is adjustable.

Maison Martin Margiela Biker Jacket in Blue

This might possibly be one of the harder things to part with. I saw it at Antonioli in Milan and fell in love with the unique blue hue of the supple leather. It is gorgeous, but I just never wear it. Size 38!

House of Holland x V Magazine Tee $50

This is a limited edition House of Holland tee, released during the brand's other statement shirts featuring designers and models. It is a shocking pink color and an absolute treat, but it doesn't really go with my style anymore. I probably have every issue of V since I was 16!!

Helmut Lang Jumper $150

This jumper was one of the first things I got excited about when I saw the capsule collection for the revived house of Helmut Lang. It drapes beautifully through the use of drawstrings and buttons in the front, simulating a backwards hoodie. It is a size medium and comes in a deep olive.

Dior Homme Diamond Tank $100

"We stole the twinkling stars in the black night." This sleeveless sweater is from one of my favorite collections from Hedi Slimane. A wonderful, iconic piece.

Dior Homme Luster Scarf $150

This is an authentic runway piece from Hedi Slimane's A/W 2003 show. The collection, titled "Luster," is probably one of Slimane's most well known for Dior Homme. It is extra long, 100% wool, and 110% luxurious!! Some of the silver silk screening is cracking, but only to allow the scarf to drape properly.

Brian Lichtenberg Vests $25 each

These low cut vests are one of Brian Lichtenberg's signature silhouettes. There are studded denim versions out now, but these ones are 100% lightweight cotton. Great for layering without any bulkiness.

- jerome